Successful debt restructuring with a Credit Bureau that predicts the likely credit default is not easy to achieve. The credit risk is too high for regular credit institutions, even with smaller credit requests.

We would like to use information and offers to enable you to achieve your debt rescheduling goal safely. Your debt restructuring should lead to long-term debt relief through repayment rather than new problems.

Debt restructuring with Credit Bureau – preparation

Debt restructuring with Credit Bureau - preparation

A debt rescheduling with Credit Bureau must be well prepared so that prospective creditors have the chance to get a loan. The basis for rescheduling requests with lenders from Germany would be the settlement note for the negative entry. The note is considered the first indication that the prospect takes its obligations seriously and is able to honor its promise to pay.

In addition to the list of all debts to be rescheduled, it is therefore urgently advisable to draw up a self-assessment from Credit Bureau. Once a year, every German citizen can request information free of charge about the data that Credit Bureau has stored about them. If the Credit Bureau excerpt proves the debt paid, it can continue without delay. If the settlement note is missing, it is advisable to file a complaint before all credit efforts fail.

Debt restructuring with Credit Bureau would be possible without a settlement note, but only a loan offer would be an option. His credit without Credit Bureau comes from Liechtenstein in 2010. A Credit Bureau-free loan of $ 3,500, $ 5,000 or brand new since July 2016 of $ 7,500 is currently being offered. It would be possible to apply for the employee loan directly or through reputable credit brokers.

With negative Credit Bureau debt rescheduling – what is the bank looking for?

With negative Credit Bureau debt rescheduling - what is the bank looking for?

An important aspect that many people underestimate when requesting credit through special loans is the security of the loan. No credit institution from all over Europe can grant consumer credit if the security of the money is in question. A negative Credit Bureau entry is clear evidence that there is real credit risk. The basis of any special financing is the offer to the borrower to refute this negative credit rating forecast with supporting documents.

In the individual case examination, the clerk first looks at the social situation of the applicant. Questions about how safe the job is, how high is the income or are there any current threats, shape the first impression. The examination of the requested documents goes into detail. The most important source of information is usually the requested bank statements.

A look at the bank statements reveals more about the chances of a debt restructuring with Credit Bureau than any attempt to explain. The bank statements prove that a prospective loaner can get by with his money. This is the first prerequisite for actually being able to pay approved credit. Markers, such as transfers to collection agencies or chargebacks, indicate the current risk situation.

What has to be the bottom line?

What has to be the bottom line?

The bottom line is that the credit auditor must be convinced that the loan will be granted securely. The budget account shows a sufficient surplus so that the installments remain affordable at all times. Overall, the financial trend since the incident with the negative Credit Bureau shows a positive trend. It would be positive, for example, if a small plus remains on the salary account every month, despite the high rate burden.

Debt-oriented debt restructuring – not every debt restructuring is worthwhile

Debt-oriented debt restructuring - not every debt restructuring is worthwhile

Debt restructuring with negative Credit Bureau must lead to permanent debt relief. This means that not only is interest paid, but it is repaid on a serious scale. Nevertheless, many want to reschedule their debts because the rate burden leads to liquidity bottlenecks. Small installments with less repayment are supposed to relieve the household budget. The problem with this request is the anticipated interest burden of debt restructuring with Credit Bureau.

While the interest rate on the regular loan fell, risk credit with a negative Credit Bureau is still in the double-digit range. The effective annual interest rate for bank loans with negative Credit Bureau is currently around 11 percent. (July 2016). Many people cannot calculate for themselves whether the debt restructuring will actually pay off in the end. We therefore strongly recommend that you seek neutral help.

First of all, it is important that the consultation does not incur any costs. Non-profit debt advice centers work really free of charge. Another decisive factor is the neutrality of the evaluation. Neutral means that the advisor has no personal benefit from the outcome of the debt rescheduling with Credit Bureau. This means that agents with similar advertisements are eliminated as neutral advisors.

Despite Credit Bureau rescheduling – serious credit brokerage

Despite Credit Bureau rescheduling - serious credit brokerage

Media reports and a look at publications by consumer advocates prove that serious credit brokerage – in the case of negative Credit Bureau – is not behind every advertisement. The classic credit brokerage model stands in the crossfire. Advertising for credit despite Credit Bureau has been or is being misused for other business models. Morally reprehensible, but legal, are attempts to sell credit cards, insurance or investments instead of credit.

Fraud stitches such as fraud with prepayment can be relevant under criminal law. We therefore do not recommend a classic mediation model for debt rescheduling with Credit Bureau.The credit brokerage portals Good Finance and Auxmoney enjoy a proven scandal-free reputation. Both portals focus on brokering loans from private donors.

For your debt rescheduling with Credit Bureau, we recommend Good Finance as an intermediary. In the past, independent studies were carried out via the portal. For example, DIW Berlin expressly praises Good Finance by name. But that is not the only reason for recommendation. We recommend the portal because both private donors and banks are active, which increases the reach of your loan application.